If you’ve ever attended an outdoor event like a concert or family reunion, you know how frustrating and even awkward it can feel to need a bathroom that you can’t find. 

You might do the dance and hope you can hold it. You might leave early because you just need to find a bathroom. 

As a guest at an outdoor event, the reality is that you may need to go, and there should be bathrooms available for you. 

Wondering if you need porta potty rentals for your outdoor event? Read on to learn about all the reasons you should consider porta john rentals for your next outdoor event. 

Meet Guests Needs

One of the biggest and most important reasons to seek out portable toilet rentals is to make your guests comfortable and meet their needs. 

You have invited people to an event. If they come, you should be making every effort for them to enjoy themselves and meet their needs. 

Renting porta potty stations goes beyond just using a toilet. Many portable bathrooms allow guests to wash their hands and take a baby in for a changing station. 

You know your goal is to create and organize a successful event. Part of that success is making the attendees comfortable, which you can do with portable bathroom rentals. 

Event Needs

A portable toilet rental also helps to address the needs of your event. Porta potty rental experts can help you evaluate your outdoor event and plan to ensure you have the stations you need so everyone can go when needed.

The porta john experts will want to know some things about your event, including:

  • Event duration
  • Type of event 
  • Location of the event
  • Available space for porta potties
  • Number of expected guests

Once they have this information, they can help you plan and rent precisely the number and type of porta johns you need. Then it’s simply giving them your dates, and the potties can get delivered. 

Toilet Style for Every Event

If you’re like most people, you might have a preconceived notion about a porta potty. Maybe you even do a little nose wrinkle when considering stepping into a porta potty. 

The reality might differ significantly from your perceptions if you haven’t used a porta potty lately. 

Now there are many different types of porta potty rentals designed for different kinds of events. Sure, the stand-alone potty unit is still reminiscent of a construction site. 

Now, though, there are restroom trailer rentals that make you feel like you’ve entered a nice hotel bathroom. These include running water and air conditioning to make guests feel comfortable and pampered. 

Easy for You

Making it easy for you is hugely important if you’re in charge of the logistics of a big outdoor event. Renting event restrooms is as easy as calling the experts who rent them out.

They can help identify what you need and have them there when you need them. Included in the price of porta john rentals is the delivery and setup. When the event is over, they are picked back up, so you don’t have to worry. 

The company also handles any potential maintenance needs for the porta potties. They come clean, deodorized, and ready for use.

Eliminate Indoor Traffic

Porta john rentals help to eliminate indoor traffic from guests. If you’re hosting an outdoor event in your yard, you might want to avoid guests going in and out of your home. 

If you don’t have a porta potty rental set up, guess what? You’ll have every guest at your gathering in your house looking for a bathroom at least once during your event. 

When you rent event restrooms, they can be set up conveniently for the party, and it lets guests know you would prefer they not go in and out of your home. 

Cost Effective

Any time you plan an event, you must consider costs. 

Of course, using porta potty rentals is much more cost-effective than having restrooms built outside for your event. 

But it can save if you’re also doing an event at your home. If you have a large gathering in your backyard, your water bill and electric bill will take a hit if everyone is in and out using your bathrooms. 

Renting a porta john is cost-effective and says you as the party planner in the long run.

Sanitation Standards

If you’re planning a public outdoor event or an event in a public area, the city or town likely has requirements for porta johns as part of their sanitation standards

They may require you to have a porta potty for the event. In some cases, the requirements might be to have so many porta potty stations per the number of expected people attending. 

If you’re in charge of planning your outdoor event, be sure to check with your city or town to learn about their sanitation standards. 

Keep Event Going

You’ve worked hard on your outdoor event. You want people to stay and have fun. 

But when guests need to go potty, if there isn’t one available, they will leave and find one or head for home. 

You don’t want your attendees to decide it’s time to wrap up their visit just because they need a bathroom and one isn’t available. 

Get Your Porta Potty Rentals

There’s a list of good reasons for porta potty rentals at your next outdoor event. Make your event a success and your guests comfortable at the same time. 

For more information on porta potty rentals or to learn more about your options, we can help. Contact us today to address your porta potty needs.