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More Than A Portable Toilet

Some events call for more than just a portable toilet, they call for luxury. We have an expansive inventory of high end, luxury restroom trailer rental units to accommodate sophisticated events of any size. From a small backyard wedding, to festivals for thousands, our fleet can be deployed anywhere to provide an indoor facility experience where permanent plumbing doesn’t exist. We work with event professionals and individuals to ensure guests have a premiere portable toilet experience. In addition to events, our trailers can be found on TV and Movie production sets, bringing first class restroom trailer rental faculties to even the most remote locations. We can provide trailers with multiple times a week service to retail locations doing remodels, enabling them to keep their doors open, and their customers happy. Complete with all the comforts of home, call or fill out a quote request form to see why a luxury restroom trailer is the best in portable toilets.

portable restroom rental trailer

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Festivals, TV and Film Production and many special events often take place in remote locations such as farms, fields and parking lots. These sites might not have access to running water, much less restroom facilities. Restroom trailer rental are a great solution, but you may want to provide your guests, or crew with “almost indoor” facilities including heat and air conditioning, flushing toilets and running water. Our trailers come equipped with water and waste tanks providing a self contained solution. Our trucks can service any sight providing a seamless restroom trailer rental experience. When scouting the next location for your festival or special event, know that East Tennessee Portables has you covered!

Climate Controlled

Warm Lighting

Laminate Flooring


Sinks with Running Water

Paper Towels

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portable retsroom rental unit

Floosh Restroom Trailer Rental Units

Floosh restroom trailer rental units are known for their gorgeous interior design, as well as fresh, odorless, and chemical-free facility. All of the units our safe, secure and soundproof! Floosh units add luxury to wherever your next event may be located.

East Tennessee Portables is the exclusive provider of Floosh restroom trailer rental units in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

  • Beautiful Design — Clean and Fresh — Fits Perfectly In Any Venue
  • Solar Powered And Self Contained — No Electrical Or Water Hookups Required
  • Full Sized Porcelain Flushing Toilets
  • Porcelain Vessel Sinks — Touch Free Faucets
  • Full Ceiling Skylight — Bright And Airy Interior
  • Odor Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Secure
  • Soundproof

Water Supply: yes

Height: 8’6″

Width: 50″

Depth: 7′

3 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Our 3 stall restroom trailer rental is the perfect size for events of up to 250 guests. Featuring three separate entrances, each stall is equipped with a sink and a toilet. In addition, one stall includes a urinal as well. This trailer is built to look beautiful, but also to last with stainless steel mirrors and a corrosive resitant holding tank. The interior components are dent and rust resistant and the interior is fully washable resulting in a like new trailer every time it goes to a site.

  • 3 separate entrances

  • One stall includes urinal

  • Sink in each stall

  • Running Water

  • Climate Control

  • Functional lights

Height: 11.3′


Width: 8.5′

portable toilet trailer
porta potty rental trailer

4 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Our 4 stall luxury restroom trailer rental can accommodate events of up to 350 guests. It has a clean and modern interior design featuring neutral colors providing a peaceful retreat from noisy events. 3 of the 4 stall are unisex and include a toilet and sink. The 4th stall is a men’s facility and includes a urinal to maximize the number of guests you can accommodate without increasing the footprint. Like all of our restroom trailer rental units, the 4 stall includes heat and AC as well as running water for the fully functional sinks and flushing toilets.

  • 4 separate entracnes

  • One stall includes urinal

  • All stalls include sinks

  • 350 guest count

  • Flushable toilets

  • Heat and AC


Length: 16.4′

Width: 7′

6 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Our 6 stall restroom trailer rental can support 550 guests over a 6 hour period. Separated into a men’s and women’s restroom, this trailer has all the comforts of home include climate control and running water. The men’s sections is equipped with 2 private stalls and 2 urinals. The women’s side includes 2 private stalls. Both include a sink with running water and a stainless steel indestructible mirror.

  • 2 separate entrances

  • Men’s side includes 2 stalls and 2 urinals

  • Women’s includes 2 private stalls

  • Sinks with running water

  • Mirrors above vanities

  • 550 guest count

Height: 12′

Length: 17′

Width: 6.6′

porta john rental trailer
porta john rental trailer

8 Stall Spa Restroom Trailer Rental

Our 8 stall restroom trailer rental can support crowds of up to 500 over the course of a 6 hour event. This trailer has separate entrances for men and women. The men’s side includes 2 private stalls and 2 urinals and the ladies side includes four private stalls. Both sides have twin basin vanities, climate control and running water. The clean, neutral design allows this trailer to blend into any event and provides a serene getaway from noisy events or construction sites.

  • 2 separate entrances for men and women

  • Twin Basin vanities on each side

  • Neutral decor motif

  • Climate Control

  • Running Water

  • 500 guest count

Height: 11.8′

Length: 25′

Width: 12.6′

8 stall JAG Restroom Trailer Rental

Our 8 stall JAG restroom trailer rental units features 8 exterior entrances to private stalls complete with sinks, vanities and mirrors. Perfect for large events, or retail store remodels, this trailer gives every user the utmost privacy along with all the comforts of home including climate control, running water and flushing toilets. We can service this unit as many times as needed to handle the volume of traffic you expect at your site.

  • 8 Separate entrances

  • Increased privacy

  • Interior and Exterior lights

  • Sinks in each stall

  • Heat and AC

  • Flushable toilets

Height: 12′

Length: 36′

Width: 12′

porta potty rental trailer
porta john rental trailer

Comfort Elite ADA

This 3 stall restroom trailer rental is designed to ensure all guests have access to facilities at your special event. The ADA compliant stall comes complete with ramp access as well as interior and exterior handrails. It also comes equipped with a wide threshold and spacious cabin. In addition, there is a single men and women’s stall providing all your guests with beautiful and functional restroom trailer rental!

  • 3 separate entrances

  • ADA compliant stall

  • ADA accessible ramp

  • Wider entry ways

  • Hand rails for support

  • Spacious interior

Height: 12′

Length: 24′

Width: 15.6′ including ramp set up

3 Stall Shower Restroom Trailer Rental

This 3 stall industrial shower restroom trailer rental can be deployed to camps, festivals or emergency relief locations that need to provide showers to attendees or crews. This trailer has 3 separate entrances with complete facilities including a shower, portable toilet and sink making it a complete restroom trailer rental solution. A self contained 200 gallon water tank can be refilled numerous times to ensure the showers stay operational, or the trailer may be connected to an onsite water source.

  • Separate entrances for men and women

  • Each side has 4 private shower stalls

  • Hot running water

  • Double basin vanities

  • 300 gallon water tank

  • Mirrors above vanities

Height: 12′

Length: 12′

Width: 7′

portable toilet trailer with lights on
portable toilet rental trailer

Industry Experience

Shower restroom trailer rental units require specialized knowledge and expertise. We can help make sure you have the power requirements, water access and foot print to ensure your trailer rental is a success. Our team of experts can advise on the proper size and placement to make sure your restroom trailer presents no issues onsite and remains functional for the duration of your event.

  • Years of experience

  • Specialized equipment knowledge

  • Bathroom attendants

  • Onsite service tech

  • Site walkthroughs available

  • Emergency Service

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Renting a high end Floosh or luxury restroom trailer rental can seem overwhelming. Be sure to trust the professionals and let East Tennessee Portables take care of the details! We deploy and service luxury portable trailers every day. We promise to make the process surprisingly easy and give you one less thing to worry about. Our knowledgeable staff can advise on the proper placement, power requirements and number of restroom trailer rental units to ensure the success of your event or project. We delivery on time, service thoroughly and remove inventory quickly, without sacrificing care of the property or our customers. Call today to see how easy it is to have high end restrooms in the middle of nowhere!

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