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East Tennessee Portables not only provides the best in porta potty rental and service, but the best in expertise. Our years of experience and resume of impressive local area special events makes us the ideal partner for your next private event, no matter the size. Our special event partners include the University of Tennessee where we provided porta potty rental, trailers and a sani-track system for 100,000 attendees. However, no event is too small, and we understand that a backyard wedding for 50 is equally as special and deserves the same level of care. Call today for friendly advice on how many units you’ll need to ensure your event is a success!

porta potty rental units
portable toilet rental units

Special Event Porta Potty Rental

Our special event porta potty rental units are like new every time they are delivered. These events have never been deployed to a construction job site ensuring all surfaces clean, and free from graffiti or concrete. With a thorough inspection every time they are returned to our yard, we guarantee our units are fully assessed and repaired and always look and smell great! In addition to standards portable toilets, we provide ADA units for disabled guests and hand wash and handi-stand to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Hand wash and handi- stand units can be stand alone, or can be included inside your porta potty rental. Our boudoir unit is an ADA toilet that includes a hand wash making it a more upscale and roomier option for special events.

Like New Units For Every Event

Toilets Arrive Fully In Service

Reliable and On Time Delivery

Optional In-Unit Hand Wash or Sanitizer

Comes Stocked with Toilet Paper

Guaranteed Fresh and Clean

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Standard Porta Potty Rental Unit

Our standard special event units look like the traditional portable toilet you’ve come to expect, but that’s where the comparisons stop! Porta potty rental units are often thought of as dirty and smelly, but not with ETP! Our units are delivered as clean as they day we bought them with no broken or missing pieces and free from wear and tear. In addition they have been cleaned, sanitized and arrive to your event smelling and looking fresh. We prefill the tanks with water and blue chemical to keep odor down during your event. Each toilet comes stocked with toilet paper and once we set it, the unit is ready for your guests!

  • Compact and sturdy design

  • Like new unit on delivery

  • Stocked with toilet paper

  • Water and Blue chemical on arrival

  • Guaranteed fresh

  • Reliable and on time delivery

Height: 89.25″

Depth: 47″

Width: 43″

ADA Porta Potty Rental Toilet

An ADA porta potty rental unit ensures that all guests have access to facilities regardless of physical limitations. Built to last, our ADA units feature rust proof lift handles with a wider grip to reduce pressure. The wide entrance and beveled floor increase ease of access and the extra long handrail provides more stability. These units are fully ADA compliant for any requirements at your special event. An ADA porta potty rental unit is suggested for every 10 standard portable units to ensure there is an adequate amount of accessible units. An ADA unit can also be used in situations where additional interior room is preferred or needed.

  • ADA Compliant

  • Roomy interior

  • Sturdy design

  • Wide entrance

  • Beveled Floor

  • Hand Rails

Height: 90.5″

Depth: 86.5″

Width: 66″

handicap accessible porta potty rental
portable toilet rental interior

Flushable Porta Potty Rental Unit

A flushable porta potty rental unit is the same size and model as a standard portable toilet, but comes with a hand flush mechanism and additional bowl inside the toilet. It provides the same level of convenience and portability but with an extra element of comfort. These units can also have a hand sanitizer dispenser inside proving an all in one solution for your porta potty rental and sanitation needs. Flushable units are perfect for special events who may want to provide a more high end option while still getting the budget friendly and convenient nature of a standard portable toilet.

  • Hand Flush Mechanism

  • Additional Interior Bowl

  • Standard Portable toilet

  • Added level of comfort

  • option of in unit sanitizer

  • delivered ready for use

Height: 89.25″

Depth: 47″

Width: 43″

Floosh Porta Potty Rental Unit

Like the idea of a flushable porta potty rental unit, but looking for something more high end? Our Floosh Units are the perfect solution!

Floosh porta potty rental units are known for their gorgeous interior design, as well as providing a fresh, odorless, and chemical-free facility. The interior features a porcelain vessel sink with running water, as well as a vanity with overhead lighting and a mirror. All of the units our safe, secure and soundproof! Powered by solar energy, these units have interior and exterior lights and a flushing mechanism for extra comfort and convenience. Floosh units add luxury to wherever your next event may be located.

East Tennessee Portables is the exclusive provider of Floosh restroom units in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

  • Porcelain Toilet

  • Vessel Sink

  • Running Water

  • Interior and Exterior LED lights

  • Soundproof

  • Odor and Chemical free

Height: 89.25″

Depth: 47″

Width: 43″

porta potty rental unit

Porta Potty Rental with Handwash

For an additional level of safety and comfort, some events may call for a porta potty rental containing an interior hand wash unit. Powered by a foot pump, these units have a water reservoir to provide running water, and come stocked with hand soap and paper towels. Your guests will be impressed and feel clean and comfortable using your special event portable toilet. The hand wash has a compact design and is installed neatly on the interior of the toilet. This efficient use of the toilets interior provides your all in one restroom needs without sacrificing space. Ask for a unit with both a flushable porta potty rental and a hand wash station and give your guests the very best in portable toilets!

  • Built into standard portable toilet

  • Foot pedal mechanism for water

  • In- unit fresh water tank

  • Paper Towels

  • Compact design conserves interior space

  • Hand Soap

Height: 89.25″

Depth: 47″

Width: 43″

a portable toilet rental unit
a hand soap dispenser

Porta Potty Rental with Sanitizer Dispenser

Provide your guests with an added layer of comfort and safety by getting a porta potty rental unit with an interior sanitizer dispenser. Installed on the wall for convenience, these dispensers come pre-filled with sanitizer. The refills are good for 600 uses meaning you’ll have plenty of sanitizer for your guest count. A unit with a sanitizer provides the same level of cleanliness that a unit with a hand wash provides, but helps keep wait times down for the restroom. This is ideal for festivals or events with a large guest count where high wait times need to be avoided. Each dispenser is checked for functionality and that it is properly filled with sanitizer prior to delivery so your porta potty rental unit arrives on site ready to go! The small footprint of the dispenser also meets health and safety regulations without sacrificing interior space.

  • Wall mounted dispenser

  • Stocked with sanitizer

  • Conserves interiot space

  • Reduces paper towel waste

  • Keeps wait times down

  • Good for 600 uses

Height: 51.75″

Depth: 28.95″

Width: 28.95″

east tennessee portables employee by truck

Expertise Before and During Your Event

East Tennessee Portables understands that a special event doesn’t end once we deliver a porta potty rental or trailer. That’s why our team of experts are available not only before your event, but during as well as after. Prior to your event we can advise on how many units and services you’ll need, as well as where to place them. During the event we can be available to ensure everything goes right by providing onsite staff for the duration of the event. Larger events such as music festivals may need multiple services daily and have several luxury trailers onsite. These events often require an onsite pump truck to ensure services happen in a timely manner, and that we are able to respond to any porta potty rental or trailer emergencies. After the event, we meet with our event partners to review any areas of improvement and how to make next year’s even better! If you are an event professional and are looking to find not only a portable toilet provider, but a partner, look no further than East Tennessee Portables!

  • Onsite Bathroom attendants

  • Onsite pump truck and driver

  • Onsite Management

  • Emergency Service

  • Site Visits & Walkthroughs

  • Post Event feedback meetings

Get Help With Your Porta Potty Rental

Planning any size special event can be intimidating. Let East Tennessee Portables be your expert on porta potty rental and have one less thing to worry about! Our customer service reps are happy to advise on how may units you might need, but the chart provide can also indicate how many toilets will accommodate your guest count. Take into consideration the length of the event as well as food and alcohol consumption. In addition to the number of units, the perfect placement is essential to making sure facilities are convenient, but not the focus of your event. We are happy to do onsite walk throughs and help you determine where the banks of toilets should go to ensure the flow of the crowd and proximity to the main event make sense. We want to be an asset to your event, not the main focus! Call today or fill our our web form to be in touch with a porta potty rental expert!

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