Wherever a person goes, a toilet of some kind needs to be nearby. That’s unless you’re wilderness camping, in which case, you can get by using the Earth for a little while. 

While most areas in the civilized world have toilets in close proximity to them, unfortunately, not all do. This is why portable toilets often become a necessity. 

Wondering why you should use a portable toilet rental service? Then read on because here are the top five reasons to rent a portable toilet

1. You’ll Have a Large Selection of Portable Toilets to Choose From

Sure, you could buy your own portable toilets. However, you’ll then be limited to one type of portable toilet in perpetuity. If you want to upgrade in the future, you’ll need to pay the cost of a whole new porta potty. 

When you rent portable toilets, however, you’re only paying for the time that you’re actually using them. As such, you don’t need to tie yourself to any one toilet over time. You can switch up toilet styles each and every time you need a portable toilet. 

Portable toilet rental companies offer a wide variety of portable toilets. We’ll discuss all of these in detail below. 

Standard Porta Potty

The standard porta potty offers the basics. It’s not the biggest or most pristine but it gets the job done. For most purposes, a standard porta potty will suffice. 

When you rent a standard porta potty, you get it stocked with toilet paper and full maintenance services. It will be clean and sanitized upon arrival, filled with fresh water and chemicals. Should you need it cleaned or emptied before your rental is over, you can simply call up your rental company and have them clean it for you. 

ADA Porta Potty

ADA porta potties are bigger than standard porta potties. They also sit flat on the ground, thus allowing wheelchairs to easily roll into them. Equipped with handrails, they provide optimal stability for physically handicapped individuals. 

ADA porta potty rentals are recommended at all public events. This way, all of your guests can use the restroom without worry. In particular, we advise that at least one out of every ten porta potty units you rent is an ADA unit. 

Standard Flushable Porta Potty

You can also rent a standard flushable porta potty. This looks and behaves much like the standard porta potty discussed above. The difference is that it contains two bowls as opposed to one; the top bowl dumps waste into the bowl below upon the triggering of a flush mechanism. 

This results in a cleaner and more sanitary experience overall. It also results in a more pleasant odor. 

Floosh Porta Potty

Floosh porta potties are essentially high-end porta potties. While they are portable, their interiors don’t evoke the fact. They’re equipped with fully flushable toilets, sinks, running water, LED lighting, and porcelain toilets. 

If you need a portable toilet for a luxury event, consider a Floosh. 

Restroom Trailer

You can also rent a restroom trailer. This is a multi-person trailer consisting of separate units and/or stalls. 

In their interiors, these trailers generally look like legitimate restrooms. They contain sinks with running water, soap dispensers, climate control, and even attractive decor. 

2. Maintaining Your Restrooms During Your Event

Another reason to rent portable toilets is that you won’t have to maintain your restrooms during your event. All of your portable toilets will be cleaned, sanitized, and emptied by the company you rented them from. 

This will enable you to focus on other pressing responsibilities, thus optimizing the quality of your event. 

3. You Won’t Have to Build Your Own Restrooms

Let’s say you’re having a festival out in a big open field somewhere. Obviously, you’re going to need to have restroom accommodations present. 

Now, you could build established restrooms on the spot. However, this takes a great deal of time and effort, not to mention money. 

On the other hand, you could just rent porta potties. In doing so, you’ll save yourself the hassle of building your own restrooms, and will likely find it to be a more cost-effective option as well. 

4. You’ll Be Able to Move Your Toilets as Needed

Maybe you’re building a structure. At first, you needed a toilet at one specific location. Now, as your building has progressed, you’re far away from that location. 

Unfortunately, there’s no toilet in the spot you’re building now. As a result, you have to walk long distances just to use the bathroom. 

That’s unless you’re using a portable toilet. If you’re using a portable toilet, you can simply move it to the spot where you need it. 

5. You’ll Be Able to Meet All Legal Requirements

There are usually legal requirements pertaining to restroom accommodation and large events. If you don’t meet these requirements, you could find yourself subject to a fine. 

Porta potty rentals help you meet these requirements, as you can simply rent as many toilets as necessary to satisfy local laws. Plus, you can meet ADA laws with the help of ADA-compliant porta potties. 

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