Nearly 55% of U.S. residents ages six and older participate in outdoor recreation. Outdoor events have gained immense popularity, and for good reason. They allow for creative freedom, ensuring a unique and refreshing experience for attendees.

However, planning an outdoor event requires careful attention to every detail. You’re focused on the venue, decorations, and catering. But one crucial element you shouldn’t overlook is restroom facilities.

Don’t leave your guests with a subpar portable toilet experience.

Hire a luxury porta-potty. It offers convenience and adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor event. Below is a guide on renting the perfect luxury porta-potty for your needs.

Determine Your Guest Count

The first step in renting a luxury porta-potty is determining the number of guests attending. This will help you get the correct number of portable toilets.

You may try to save costs by getting fewer porta johns for the event. However, it can lead to quick filling and unpleasant odors.

Shortages also mean long lines and extended wait times. This may disappoint your guests and even cause some to leave early.

Additionally, insufficient restroom access can decrease food and drink consumption. Guests will try to avoid … emergencies.

To avoid unhappy attendees, count your guests and rent enough porta-potty units. The general guideline is one portable restroom for every 50 guests. However, this can vary based on factors like event duration and nearby restroom facilities.

If you’re unsure about the quantity, consult a reputable portable toilet provider. They can recommend an appropriate number of units. What’s more, add a 10% buffer to your estimated attendance for added assurance.

Choose the Right Type of Luxury Porta-Potty

Luxury porta potties come in various styles and sizes. When choosing one for your outdoor event, ensure you assess your needs.

Standard luxury portable toilets offer a roomy interior, a flushing toilet, and a sink for convenience. VIP luxury portable toilets have added luxuries like AC, mirrors, water tanks, and high-end finishes for extra comfort.

Trailer-mounted luxury portable toilets are perfect for larger events – and locations without permanent restroom facilities.

Luxury portable restroom trailers feature running water, heating, AC, and a lounge area. They are ideal outdoor wedding toilets.

Finally, ADA-compliant toilets feature grab bars and ramps to provide equal access to individuals with disabilities.

Selecting the right toilet trailer type will depend on the scale and nature of your outdoor event. Each option offers varying levels of luxury, catering to different event requirements.

Book Them Early

Booking your portable toilets well in advance is crucial. As soon as your event date is confirmed, find a reputable rental company specializing in portable restrooms. Seek out companies with solid industry reputations.

You can check reviews and seek recommendations from friends or event planners. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, contact multiple rental companies to request quotes. Comparing these quotes will empower you to make an informed decision while staying within your budget.

If you find the right porta john supplier, inquire about their unit availability for that day and make an early booking. Don’t procrastinate, especially if your event falls during a busy season. Delaying your booking can result in a shortage of units.

Review the Contract

Understanding the contract terms is essential. Take the time to go through the document carefully, focusing on the terms and conditions. Pay close attention to the cancellation as well as any extra charges applicable.

If any part of the contract seems unclear, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from a legal counsel. Having a clear understanding of the agreement will help you avoid surprises later on. It also ensures that you and the rental company are on the same page.

Inspect the Units Before the Event

Before finalizing your rental agreement, schedule a visit to the rental company’s facilities to inspect the luxury porta-potty units in person. This visit gives you a firsthand look at the quality and cleanliness of the units.

When you inspect these units, ensure they align with your expectations in terms of both luxury and functionality. Also, verify that they meet the standards you desire for your outdoor event. This proactive approach helps you avoid any surprises on the day of your event.

Discuss Delivery and Setup

Coordinate the delivery and setup with the rental porta-potty company. Ensure clear communication to avoid any hiccups on the big day. Start by confirming the logistics, including the delivery date and time.

Discuss the placement of the units with the rental company. Some locations may not be suitable for setup, and your rental provider can offer valuable placement recommendations. Follow their advice for a smooth experience.

For larger outdoor events, consider having units strategically positioned where guests are likely to visit. This ensures convenient restroom access for your guests, enhancing their experience.

Organize Signage Installation

Strategically place signage throughout the event venue. Effective signage is a simple yet effective way to enhance guest satisfaction.

It reduces the likelihood of guests wandering around in search of the restrooms. This allows them to focus on enjoying the event without any restroom-related stress. It will also prevent any confusion.

Plan for Maintenance

Don’t forget to establish a clear maintenance and servicing plan with your rental porta-potty provider.

Start by communicating with your rental provider about maintenance expectations. Discuss how often they’ll service the portable toilets. Ask whether they’ll restock supplies like toilet paper.

Additionally, incorporate a contingency plan for unexpected situations. Ask the provider how they’ll handle any malfunctions that may arise during the event. Having a clear protocol in place can prevent inconveniences.

When you do this, you can guarantee that your luxury porta potties stay clean and operational throughout your event. This ensures a seamless restroom experience for your guests.

Indulge Your Guests With a Luxury Porta-Potty

Renting a proper luxury porta-potty is vital to hosting a successful outdoor event. Having the correct number of porta potties and placing them in the right places can help eliminate restroom-related stress.

At East Tennessee Portables (ETP), we’re your go-to luxury portable restroom company. We offer top-notch restroom facilities that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us to get a quote.