Porta potties for weddings are usually considered a necessary convenience rather than a decorative element. However, couples are looking for innovative ways to turn these functional facilities into stylish additions.

Porta potties at weddings are usually seen as practical, not stylish. Yet, couples seek ways to turn them into decorative elements. This guide helps you integrate porta potties, making them complement your theme. Learn to transform these necessities into theme-friendly elements that enhance your celebration and add a unique touch to your special day.

Different Types of Porta Potties

You are spoilt for choice as there are various types of porta potties to choose from. Each type is designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Here are some common types of porta potties:

Standard Portable Restrooms

These are the most basic and commonly used porta potties. They typically include:

  • Toilet 
  • Urinal
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser 

These units are suitable for various events and offer a cost-effective solution.

Deluxe Portable Restrooms

Deluxe units are an upgraded version of standard portable restrooms. They often include additional amenities such as:

  • Sink with running water
  • Interior lights
  • Mirrors

Deluxe porta potties provide a comfortable and upscale experience.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms

These units are designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. They have a wider entrance and interior space to allow a wheelchair or mobility aid.

Flushing Portable Toilets

Flushing porta potties have a built-in flushing mechanism similar to traditional toilets.

They often include a freshwater tank for flushing and a separate waste holding tank.

Flushing units provide a more sanitary experience for users.

VIP Portable Restrooms

VIP or luxury portable restrooms are designed for high-end events and weddings.

These units may include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Music systems
  • High-quality finishes

VIP porta potties offer a premium experience for your guests.

Trailer-Mounted Portable Restrooms

These larger units are mounted on trailers and are suitable for events with higher attendance.

Trailer-mounted porta potties can include multiple stalls, sinks, and additional amenities. They offer a spacious and comfortable experience for users.

Specialty Portable Restrooms

Specialty units cater to specific needs or themes. Examples include:

  • Eco-friendly units
  • Themed porta potties (such as for weddings)
  • Custom-decorated units

These units allow a more personalized touch to fit an event’s unique requirements. 

Choosing Porta Potties for Weddings

Choosing a suitable porta potty involves consideration of various factors. Here are vital aspects to consider when selecting a porta potty for your wedding:

The size of the portable restroom unit should be based on the number of guests and the event duration. A rule of thumb is to have one porta potty for every 25-50 guests.

While selecting the size, also consider the available space at your venue. Opt for compact yet spacious units. This means you can provide the amenities without overwhelming the wedding site. 

Choose porta potties that can be aesthetically enhanced or customized to match your wedding theme. Some companies offer options for decorating or accessorizing the units with flowers, signage, or color-coordinated elements.

Select a reputable rental company with a commitment to cleanliness and regular maintenance. Ensure that the porta potties are delivered in excellent condition and will be serviced throughout the event.

Accessorizing Porta Potties for Weddings

Now that you’ve determined your wedding porta potty size, it’s time to focus on accessorizing it to match your wedding theme. Consider the following elements to add a touch of elegance:

Incorporate fresh flowers or greenery that mirrors your wedding bouquet or venue decorations. A small bouquet or a wreath hung on the door can transform the porta potty into a charming accessory.

Create custom signs that guide guests to the porta potties with style. Match the fonts and colors to your wedding invitations or other signage throughout the venue for a cohesive look.

Tie ribbons or bows around the porta potty to coordinate with your wedding color palette. This simple addition can turn a basic unit into a visually appealing part of your celebration.

Wedding Porta Potty Decor

Elevate the aesthetics by incorporating a wedding porta potty theme. Use decor in the unit that complements your overall wedding style. Consider the following ideas:

Decorate the units with wooden signs, burlap, and wildflower arrangements for a rustic-themed wedding. This creates a harmonious blend between the natural surroundings and the functional facilities.

Opt for metallic accents like gold or silver ribbons and ornate signage if your wedding exudes glamour and sophistication. Mirrors or framed artwork can add a touch of luxury to the porta potty area.

Use lace, antique frames, and pastel-colored decorations for a vintage-inspired wedding. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the units but also transports guests to a bygone era.

Consider a nautical theme if your wedding is near the water. Use seashells, anchors, and blue-and-white color schemes to evoke a coastal vibe.

For outdoor garden weddings, embrace a botanical theme. Adorn the porta potties with potted plants, floral garlands, and earthy tones to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings.

If your wedding has a destination theme, customize the unit to reflect the chosen destination. Incorporate elements like maps, travel quotes, and cultural motifs for an exciting look.

Wedding Porta Potty Lighting

Illuminate your porta potty with strategic lighting to create an inviting atmosphere for evening celebrations. Consider the following lighting options:

Drape fairy lights around the unit to add a magical glow. These lights create a whimsical ambiance, perfect for outdoor weddings or receptions held under the stars.

Place lanterns or battery-operated candles near the entrance to provide soft, romantic lighting. This not only enhances visibility but also contributes to the overall charm of the venue.

Install spotlights to highlight the porta potties’ decorative elements. This ensures that all the thoughtfully chosen decor is visible and appreciated, even in the evening.

Celebrate in Comfort and Style

Porta potties for weddings can be included uniquely as a stylish part of your wedding celebration. By considering key factors, you can select ones that meet your event’s practical needs. Choose wisely for a memorable and hassle-free occasion.

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