Going to the bathroom is just a natural fact of life. In fact, people do their business an average of ten times a day. 

People will feel the call of nature no matter where they are, so if you’re planning an event, you need to think ahead. Bathrooms are often overlooked at an event, but having enough places to go is crucial for any gathering. Porta John rentals are a convenient and practical way to meet the needs of all your guests.  

If you’re thinking about renting a portable toilet for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explore the advantages of these services in our article below. 

1. New Venue Options

Planning a large gathering can be a tricky task. Not all venues have enough bathrooms to support the number of people you want to invite. You may even want to host an event at a venue outside with no bathrooms available.  

Some venues also have legal requirements around how many toilets you’ll need to supply. The bigger the event, the more bathrooms you’ll need available.  

This is where porta-potty rentals come in handy. You will always have enough places for your guests to go. You can add more people to your guest list without worrying about the bathroom space.  

2. Lessen Bathroom Wait Time 

Another problem with some venues is that they have a limited amount of toilets for guests to use. Add in an extra long event and you could have a tricky situation on your hands.  

One of the best Porta John benefits is that they reduce the time guests will need to wait for a bathroom. You can get people into and out of the bathroom efficiently. This will keep people comfortable and hanging around your event for longer. 

3. Better Sanitation

If you’re hosting a large event, hygiene, and sanitation will be a top priority. This is especially true if you have many attendees going. 

You may not realize it, but a portable toilet can help keep your guests safe and clean. Sanitation is a top priority in the Porta John design. Most units have features like hand sanitizer and even places to wash your hands.  

Porta John rentals will keep the spread of germs at bay. With Porta Johns, your guests will have a clean and hygienic bathroom experience. 

Porta John rentals also keep your guests out of a private bathroom. This is helpful if the event you are planning is happening in a private home. People can use the Porta John instead of being in and out of the house. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

Porta John rentals are one of the best things you can do for the planet. From saving water to using less electricity, a Porta John will reduce your event’s carbon footprint. 

An excellent quality of a porta potty is how little water they use. Traditional bathrooms use large quantities of water with each flush. A Porta John helps with water conservation, which is especially important in areas where water is scarce. 

Instead of using water to remove waste, chemicals break down the contents of the porta potty. These chemicals are safe for the environment. After the event is over, the waste gets collected and treated properly. 

If waste got into the earth, it could contaminate water or animals. A Porta John will keep the waste in a contained area. 

You will also use less energy when you use a Porta John. Many Porta Johns don’t use electricity at all! 

5. Save on Cost 

If you’ve found the perfect venue but don’t have toilets, you either have to build or rent them. Building a new set of toilets would be a cost-prohibitive thing for many people to take on. Renting portable toilets is a much cheaper alternative. 

With Porta John rentals, you can choose how long to have your toilets around for. You can also decide what type of toilet you want for your event. You can go with a cheaper, more basic Porta John all the way to a luxury restroom trailer rental.

6. Comfortable Bathroom Experience

You don’t want your guests to wait in long lines to use the bathroom. Adding more bathroom options with porta potties will keep your guests happy. It will also keep people present at your event. 

You aren’t limited to renting the typical plastic-sided Porta Johns. There are many luxury restroom trailer benefits you can give your guests with updated options. 

Restroom trailers look more like a typical bathroom. They have running water and flush toilets. You’ll find temperature control options and even a radio, too. 

Restroom trailers are perfect for the VIP experience. Your guests will forget they are using a portable toilet.

7. No Fuss Up-Keep

Portable toilets couldn’t be easier on the people planning the event. Once you order your Porta John, the company does the heavy lifting for you. 

Your Porta John will come with everything your guests need to be comfortable. They come fully stocked with toilet paper and any other add-on options you want. 

The company your rent from will always sterilize and clean the Porta John’s before they arrive. You won’t believe that they aren’t brand-new portable toilets. 

8. Easy Cleanup

Clean-up is a breeze with portable toilets. Once your event is over, the company will come and pick up the toilet. 

That’s it! You don’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning and sanitizing a bathroom yourself. 

Porta John Rentals Help Make Your Event the Best It Can Be

Porta John rentals keep your events running smoothly and stress-free. They are convenient and comfortable. You’ll love the peace of mind you get when you rent a high-quality Porta John for your next event. 

If you’re planning an event that requires a Porta John, East Tennessee Portables can help! As the largest portable restroom company in East Tennessee, we can help you with all your needs! Contact us for a free quote today!