Did you know that there are over 3.7 million construction businesses in the United States? If you are one of those businesses that have a construction site, you may want to consider including facilities around the area available for your workers. For instance, you need to consider adding a restroom trailer or a porta potty to the area so that your workers are able to use that bathroom on site.

Maybe you don’t want a porta potty, though, and prefer something more sustainable and a bit more comfortable. Then, you should consider a restroom rental trailer for your construction site. It is much more hygienic and can accommodate more people!

Ready to learn how to go about the process of obtaining a portable toilet rental – whether a trailer or porta potty? Here’s a guide to walk you through the process.

Know Your Needs

The first thing that you need to figure out is determining why you are getting a rental restroom trailer. How many people do you need it for? How many people are going to be on the construction site every day?

Asking these questions will help you figure out how many facilities you need on the site. Then, you can start your search to find a restroom trailer that fits your needs.

Look for a Reputable Company

If you are in the construction industry, the first thing you should do is ask around for referrals. If you know other construction companies in the area or other people that have needed to rent a restroom before, you can ask them for their recommendations.

By doing this, you will know that you are already vetting them for quality, service, and overall trust of the company because you are asking people you trust for their recommendations. Doing this can save you a lot of time during the research phase.

However, you may not always be able to get recommendations. If that’s the case, you can do a quick Google search to find a reputable company.

Look for a company that has experience renting to construction sites. You should also look for a company that has testimonials and previous reviews so that you know how others view them.

When you do a quick search engine search, you can also review the company based on the star rating. Typically, making sure the company has a 4- or 5-star rating will be your best bet. They are usually the ones that have the best quality and service.

Determine the Trailer Size

Once you home in on a company, you then need to determine the trailer size that you want on your construction site.

There are many different restroom trailer sizes, so you want to choose one that is specific to your needs.

A few things to consider would be:

  • The number of workers on your site during the time of the project
  • The length of the construction site project
  • Special needs such as wheelchair accommodations for your workers

Once you consider these factors, you can determine the right size trailer for your site.

Think of the Amenities You May Want

In addition to the restroom trailer size, you have to figure out what amenities you want your restroom to have. Is it important for you to have nice luxurious bathrooms for your workers or do you prefer just to have the basis?

For instance, if your construction site is somewhere where it is hot, you may want to consider adding in an air conditioning unit to keep your workers cool and give them a space to cool off on a break. Or, on the other hand, if it is cold, you may want to add a heater.

On another note, you may want to provide your workers with a running sink in the restroom trailer to be more hygienic. If you really want to add amenities, consider renting a restroom trailer with a mirror in it.

Schedule the Delivery

Once you determine the right size and the amenities you want as part of the restroom trailer, you can purchase or rent the porta potty and schedule the delivery of the trailer.

You will want to be on site when the restroom is delivered. This is to ensure that you can check it out and make sure it is up to your standards. You also want to make sure it is the one that you picked out specifically for your site and that there are no mistakes.

Maintain the Restroom

Once you get your restroom delivered, your job is not yet done! You need to make sure that you maintain the restroom.

To keep it hygienic for your workers, you should hire a service that will come in and clean it for you at least once per week.

Choose one that will not only clean the bathroom, but one that also restock the restroom with toilet paper and other products you may want them to have in the bathroom.

Restroom Trailer Rental for Your Construction Site

If you need a restroom trailer rental for your construction site, you now know exactly what to look for to make the right purchase!

You need to determine your needs, the size of the trailer you are looking for, the amenities that you want, and then schedule the delivery.

Are you ready to get started? You can get a quote from us today at East Tennessee Portables once you know your needs!