Ah, porta john rentals. They’re the unsung hero of construction sites (they’re actually required on construction sites) and pretty much anywhere not equipped with a brick-and-mortar restroom (like an all-day music festival in the middle of nowhere or even an outdoor gathering like a corporate picnic or retreat). 

But as simple as it may seem, there’s quite a bit to consider when renting porta-potties. From the size of the unit to the number of people it can accommodate, choosing the right porta john rental for your event or job site can make all the difference in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Yes, there are different sizes! You can even upgrade to a full toilet trailer (don’t worry; we’ll get to that in just a second). Follow along as we take a closer look at the different sizes of porta john rentals and what types of events or job sites they’re best suited for.

What Are Porta John Rentals?

Porta john rentals, also known as porta-potties, are a popular solution for portable sanitation needs. These structures typically feature everything you need in a bathroom — a toilet, a handwashing station, and sometimes even a urinal. Typically, they’re used for construction sites and specifically built to withstand tough job site conditions.

They come in different sizes and styles, from spacious units that accommodate wheelchairs to smaller models perfect for construction sites.

The installation process for porta john rentals is relatively straightforward. The units are typically dropped off by a truck and placed in the desired location using equipment like forklifts. If needed, the rental company will connect the unit to a waste tank and water source. However, it’s worth chatting with the rental company beforehand to work out those logistics.

One of the biggest advantages of using porta John rentals is their, well, portability. They’re ideal for outdoor events where there may not be permanent restrooms or construction sites where workers need access to a restroom. Plus, they’re more cost-effective than building a permanent bathroom.

Understanding Portable Toilet Rental Sizes

As mentioned, porta-potty rentals come in various sizes. Choosing the right porta john rental size can be overwhelming, though, especially if you don’t know what each option entails. Here’s a brief breakdown of a few different types of portable toilets available to help you select the ideal size for your event, worksite, or outdoor gathering.

High-Rise Unit

Looking for a portable restroom solution for your high-rise construction site? Our high-rise porta johns have got you covered. Equipped with a sturdy steel attachment, they can be easily transported by crane to whatever height you require.

And the best part? We work closely with crane operators to ensure your portable restrooms are serviced conveniently without disrupting your team’s productivity.

Rollaway Unit

Our rollaway porta johns are a great option if you’re working on different building levels. This unit is unique because it fits into elevator shafts and tight spaces that other portable toilets can’t reach. Moreover, it’s on casters, so it’s easy to get in and out of elevators, down halls, and through doorways.

Made from durable galvanized metal, these units are the perfect choice for a job site where you need a toilet that can keep up with you. Worried it’s too exposed? If you need more privacy, you can add a roof. 

Rolling Trailers

Say goodbye to the hassle of relocating your portable toilet whenever you need to change your job site. Our rolling trailers are the perfect solution for a mobile job. These portable toilets are mounted on a trailer, so you can easily take them wherever your work takes you.

This unit offers the ultimate convenience, ideal for road and highway construction crews who need to move quickly and efficiently. 

Female Unit

Whether you’re on a construction site or at an outdoor event, our female units are designed to meet OSHA standards. With hasps, locks, and keys, you can rest assured that our units are for women only. Our service drivers are always prepared with keys to ensure your female workforce never goes without a sanitized facility.

How to Choose the Right Porta John Rentals

As you can see, with various sizes, amenities, and costs, finding the perfect porta john rentals for your job site or event can be stressful. But fear not; we’ve compiled a guide to help you make the right choice.


The size of your event or workspace will dictate the number and size of porta johns you’ll need. Here’s a general rule of thumb: for every 50 people, you should have at least one porta john. If your event lasts longer than three hours, you must increase the number of units.


Porta johns aren’t one-size-fits-all. They come with a variety of amenities to meet your specific needs. A basic unit with a toilet and hand sanitizer may suffice for construction sites. But you’ll want units with sinks, mirrors, and paper towels for events like weddings or festivals. And for longer events, some even offer air conditioning or heating.


Finally, the cost is always a significant factor when deciding on the best porta john rental for your construction site or event. Remember that the rental’s size, amenities, and duration will affect the price. Some companies may also charge additional fees for delivery and pickup.

Consider a Restroom Trailer Rental

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and spacious option for portable restrooms, a restroom trailer rental may be just what you need. These trailers are a step up from your standard porta john rental and can come equipped with features like laminate flooring, warm lighting, and even air conditioning to keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

The interior of these trailers is roomy and offers ample space for multiple users at once. They often come with extras like full-length mirrors, hand dryers, and even music systems. Talk about a VIP experience.

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